“We are willing to help investors identify solutions in their niche area of expertise have the opportunity to engage direct investors.”

Land Owners

We partake strong belief in the sustainability of property development in Phuket,as we deeply understand the interest of international market’s expectation and direction in Phuket. We have experienced over 8 years of practice, from designing to marketing and from presale to after-sale management.

We are willing to work with more land owners in Phuket to develop existing land in a healthy and sustainable way, and jointly build projects with sustainable growth value.


We welcome partners who are interested in investing in Phuket, which is a vibrant and promising island.

We will cooperatively focus in investment in Phuket’s future. We hope to make suitable development plans on the basis of cooperation, and protect the benefit of investors along with controling the investment risks to the greatest extent.

  • Veteran team focusing on the land legalization, evaluation, attribute in Phuket and maximize the protection of investors.
  • Deep knowledge about Phuket. They design according to local conditions.
  • From construction materials selection, construction standardization, construction costs and construction audition, the team provide rigorous and comprehensive services.
  • Make investment profit plan, marketing analysis before investment cooperation to ensure the confidence of investment partners.
  • By centering the accuracy of Phuket market, we offer full local and overseas professional sales team with strong working strategies and long-term stable customer base.
  • With 8 years of professional after-sales service focusing on the properties of Thailand, from rental management to property management, from detailing to repair and maintenance, as well as a strong revenue planning, from the smallest light bulb in the unit to every coin in the wallet of owners and investors, we monitor every step in order to make a solid foundation for more intended customers to purchase projects.