• The beginning of

    building life

    Flying to the new life with us. As a fresh developer, we focus on ecological sustainable development and the impact of commercial development on the life of local residents while assimilating to the island culture and its nature that would simultaneously attracts new potential travellers and future residents.

  • Design

    The design perspective is what we called “Timeless Unique Design”. It is not only the aesthetic pursuit, but also the pursuit of making the sustainable identity in the area, highly creating advantage for investors and corresponding to the surrounding environment and the society.

  • Nature

    Nature and development are the two of the most important aspects when we develop the area. As our design team digs deep to the nature and the environment in Phuket, we also make effort in learning the culture and Phuketian’s lifestyle as well. We intensely believe in harmony of human and nature. One must live in peace with the other. Hence, the project begins. By reducing the impact of polluted construction and selecting eco-friendly products together with implementing larger green zone without destroying ecosystem on the mainland land and in the water, we trust that helps creating a sustainable community for the residents.

  • Aliveness

    An active community could create harmony interaction and communication between people. The design of common area and services is targeted to meet the diversified community activities and to satisfy the various lifestyles of residents.

About us


We begin with implementing this sustainable philosophy on ourselves, then spreading to the people who share our common value. Ultimately, we are committed to establish more of the sustainable projects around the country. The direction of developer and its projects are a lifetime process. We endlessly develop the dialogue/co-exiting between human and nature.

Our Projects


Land owner

We have strong confidence in the sustainability of property development in Phuket,as we deeply understand the interest of international market of Phuket in the expectations and direction.

From design to marketing, and presale to the after sales management, we have experienced over 8 years of practice. It is an unique comprehensive service partner.


We welcome partners who are interested in investing in phuket, which is a vibrant and promising island.

We are focusing together in investment of future in Phuket. We hope to make suitable development plans on the basis of cooperation, and protect the benefit of investors, control the investment risks to the greatest extent.


When asking about Corporate Social Responsibility, our management team aims for the better of the community in both social and environmental area. We believe the company is successful when we care about the people and the community surrounded in order to reach fruitful prospect and progression.


  • Community Tree Planting
  • Beach Cleaning (Trash picking)
  • Promoting Green Living in the community: Free Workshop on Sustainable Living


Hospital donation etc

Local & Community Support

We will work with all sectors of society to support more people in need. (ex. Alzheimer, disable, elders and etc.)


Nature & Culture

Phuket is among the world’s finest beach destinations. With fine white sands, nodding palm trees, glittering seas and lively towns, the island has so much to offer.


There are 7 core hospitals on the island. Vachira Phuket Hospital is the central and the busiest one on the island as it is operated by the Ministry of Public Health. There are also government-run hospitals in Talang and Patong.


The first international school in Thailand which is joined UWC (one of only 15 UWC in the world) Most of the students who graduate here, get full admission to the top universities in the world. Every student is encouraged to develop as an individual, to reach the limits of human potential, to develop true happiness and to learn to see the world with compassion.